Answers Your Questions

Planning a project is a huge task, and it often can be overwelming. If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your paving questions.

Why is concrete a better option than asphalt?

Longevity and strength. A properly constructed concrete driveway can have double the lifespan of an asphalt driveway, and support heavier vehicles. 

Does concrete have to be gray?
  • Minerals and stains can be added to concrete to give it a color. This means concrete can come in virtually any color, from red to brown to green and more.
How do I maintain my concrete driveway?

Concrete is easy to maintain. Keep it clean, remove stains immediately, and apply a sealer every 2 years. 

How long will it take to replace my driveway?

This question depends how large the driveway is going to be as well as the type of concrete that is being laid down. These are the two biggest factors that affect the installation time. An average concrete driveway will take around 1 – 3 days to install.

How long before I can drive on my new driveway?

To keep from damaging your new concrete driveway, stay off of it for a minimum of 7 days after installation for light vehicles and 30 days after installation for heavy equipment. 

Will my concrete pavement crack?
  • Every concrete project will develop cracks over time. They’re inevitable. However, properly installed concrete is designed to control cracking and minimize the appearance and impact of cracks.